Our Focus

We Build on the Basics That Matter

We focus on a couple of basic things about we human beings and then provide communication tools and insights so people produce results through others beyond what they did prior to engaging with us.

What Do You Do?

What are the basic interactions you complete on a day-to-day basis while leading your organization?

  • I Manage People

    My time is spent managing other people so that they can do their job better and achieve our joint goals.

  • I Attend Meetings

    I attend meetings and discuss or review execution plans for achieving goals.
  • I Put Out Fires

    I respond and react to circumstances that require my immediate attention and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

  • I Complete Tasks

    I work on activities and tasks with the purpose of completing my objectives each day.

...Actually, you don't do any of that.

You are describing outcomes of what results from what you do.

Your goals are achieved when you do
three important things...

  • Move Your Body
  • Receive Input From Your Senses
  • Speak and Listen

Our Primary Function is to Communicate

Essentially all we do is communicate through words and with our bodies. People in television say 85% of what we communicate is nonverbal. How good are you at reading tone and body communications? If you’re presenting and the audience is asleep, do you notice it?

Our speech is the key to successful leadership. When people properly shift the way they speak, they start working better together as one collaborative organization.

Our Neurophysiology is Wired to Communicate a Certain Way.

Why we do what we do, say what we say, etc. Once we get people to see their current neural circuits, we look at what new neural circuits do people need to form so they move their bodies and speak differently. Resulting in their communications being more effective and efficient with desired outcomes produced in significantly less time and their work experience being much more satisfying. We change the way you speak.

We Have a Human Operating System

Working from the above basics and subsets of them, like the human operating system, we have people begin to speak differently. They have difficulty at first with the conversations that influence others actions and want to regress back to the use of conversations that utilize authority power.

Practice Makes Perfect

Over time and with a significant amount of practice they begin to master new ways of speaking. We often video a group or individuals in our more advanced sessions and extend that to people videoing themselves conducting a meeting or coaching someone at work. Those we work with find viewing the video from a number of folks in the sessions gives them a first-hand view of what works well and what does not and most importantly how their communications are impacting others.

We Complete Our Goals When the Body
Moves, Speaks, and Listens

Performance Leadership Group builds upon these basic human actions to create new neural circuits that help you naturally speak better. These changes also create better leadership skills that lead to long-term positive results for you and your organization.

Gain Insight and Communication Tools You Didn't Know Were Available

Once we provide leaders with communication tools, we have them practice, practice and more practice until they form new neural circuits that allow them to have a level of mastery with new conversations that result in a group of people being more effective and efficient at producing desired outcomes.

Once they have established new neural circuits, they do not have to think of how to speak more effectively and efficiently, it becomes the automatic way that they communicate.