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Understanding Leadership

Leadership is based on four distinct conversation groups.

Leadership is dependent on how we communicate; it is a specific set of communication groups with the appropriate communication group being used for the current time and circumstances.

Four Leadership Conversation Groups (LCGs)

People who do not get most out of a group’s effort aren’t effectively using the four LCGs.

We Guide Leaders So That They Naturally Use Those Four Converstaion Groups for More Effective Speaking

Someone who engages people in a way that results in getting the most out of a group’s effort to achieve a desired outcome speaks differently than those that do not.

Human Operating System

Our neurophysiology is working against us when it comes to effective speech.

The human operating system, our neurophysiology, how our nervous system is programmed to work to have us survive, impedes people’s ability to speak two-of-the-four leadership conversation groups. People simply cannot speak them effectively.

In our experience, 99+ percent of all people are limited by this understanding. We are set on changing that percentage.

We Develop Better Leaders

Developing great leadership is not easy, it takes practice, practice and more practice with a leader coach providing feedback and guidance. Truly effective leadership can’t be taught, but it can be developed.

Improved Insight

We develop people's ability to see which of the four Leadership Conversation Groups are appropriate for the current time and circumstances.

Employee Engagement

Having gained new insights and communication tools, program participants return to the workplace and utilize what they acquired. Other employees see the enhanced benefits and begin using the tools as well.

Reduce Meeting Time

Identify the conversations that produce the intended results and improve effective meeting facilitation. Better team engagement produces the same results in a fraction of the meeting time.

Take the First Step With PLG

If this generates interest for you and you recognize developing great leadership is not a quick process, it takes about five months or more to develop new neural structures, we can provide your organization with real leadership ability development. We look forward to connecting with you.

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